Real Simulator Monster Truck is a driving simulation game where you get to control powerful monster trucks.

How to play

1. Choose Your Monster Truck: The game starts by letting you select from a variety of monster trucks with different designs and capabilities.

2. Controls: The controls typically use the accelerometer and virtual steering wheel/buttons on the screen. Tilt your device to steer left or right, and use the on-screen buttons/pedals to accelerate, brake, and reverse.

3. Environments: You'll be tasked with driving your monster truck through various environments, such as deserts, muddy terrains, construction sites, and even cities.

4. Objectives: Depending on the game mode, your objectives may vary. Some common ones include:
- Reach the finish line first in a race against AI opponents
- Perform stunts like jumps, donuts, and rolls to score points
- Complete missions or challenges like crushing objects or climbing hills

5. Physics: The game aims to simulate realistic physics, so be prepared for your monster truck to bounce around and potentially flip over if you take turns too sharply or land jumps incorrectly.

6. Upgrades: As you progress, you can earn or purchase upgrades for your monster truck, such as better engines, suspension, tires, or even new body designs.

7. Multiplayer (optional): Some versions of the game may offer multiplayer modes where you can race against online opponents.

The key to success in Real Simulator Monster Truck is mastering the controls and physics of these massive vehicles. Take your time, practice stunts, and upgrade your truck to conquer the most challenging terrains and courses.