Run 3 is an infinite runner game in which you must manage your diminutive extraterrestrial being through the expanse of space. The third iteration of the Run game series, known as Run 3, was developed by Joseph Cloutier. Run 3 is now accessible in HTML5, enabling gameplay without the need for Flash compatibility. The online game is available for free on your personal computer.

The objective is straightforward: get maximum distance while avoiding any falls. As you progress through each level, it is imperative to evade falling tiles, holes, traps, and other obstacles. In the event of collision with the walls, the screen will undergo rotation. This exhilarating and perpetually moving runner game transports you on a dangerous expedition through a very limited region. You are need to navigate the small, gray extraterrestrial being as it moves across ever-changing landscapes. Navigate along any wall to determine the most secure path and ascertain your maximum survival time!

What is the process for playing Run 3?

The arrow keys are used for movement, jumping, resetting, and pausing the game.
Can Run 3 be played without the use of Flash?
Indeed, it is possible to play the original Run 3 game on Moto X3M without the need for Flash. Flash is not required for playing on personal computers, mobile phones, and tablets.