Drifting Mania is likely a racing game that focuses on the technique of drifting - intentionally oversteering to slide through turns.


Here's how it might be played


1. Car selection: Choose a car, possibly with different handling characteristics.

2. Track selection: Pick a race track or course, potentially with various difficulty levels.

3. Controls:
- Accelerate and brake
- Steer left and right
- Handbrake for initiating drifts

4. Gameplay:
- Drive through the course, focusing on drifting through turns
- Maintain control while sliding sideways around corners
- Possibly earn points or boost for successful drifts

5. Objectives:
- Complete the track in the fastest time
- Earn the highest drift score
- Chain drifts together for combos

6. Challenges:
- Mastering the timing of entering and exiting drifts
- Maintaining speed while drifting
- Avoiding obstacles or track boundaries

7. Progression:
- Unlock new cars or tracks
- Improve your drifting skills