You are thrust into a thrilling dirt-bike competition in the heart of a bustling forest in Moto Maniac 3. You'll encounter man-made and natural impediments that call for deft navigation. The goal of the game is to not only go past these obstacles as quickly as possible but also to get away from a bear that is enraged by the noises made by your bike.

How to engage in gameplay

In order to maneuver across this tough terrain, players must maintain good balance and decisively control their speed. The arrow keys are used in the game: up for acceleration, down for deceleration, and left and right for forward and backward leaning, respectively. Remember that the bear is always following you!

Advice and Techniques
Completing levels as soon as possible can help you obtain high points. Developing your bike's balance can help you go faster; use your lean forward and backwards sensibly to stay steady. Keep an eye out for the bear that is after you and avoid letting it catch up!

Features that the game provides

- Physics-based gameplay that puts your bike skills to the test in an engaging way.
- Vivid visuals and engrossing events set in forests.
- An exciting pursuit sequence with a bear that never gives up.
- Each level has a different set of distinct hurdles to overcome.