A 3D racing game featuring multiple game types is called Night Neon Racers. You can earn diamonds by drifting as often as you like or competing against other vehicles in races. Additionally, there is a car-bombing option in the game where you may have fun blowing up cars in traffic and getting diamonds from them!

Racing Modes:
- Learn the vehicle controls for acceleration, braking, and steering
- Practice driving the courses to learn the turns, shortcuts, and track layouts
- Use drift boosting around tight corners to maintain speed
- Upgrade your car's performance stats like top speed, acceleration, handling
- Race cleanly to avoid time penalties for crashing or going off-course

Drifting Modes:
- Master throttle control and weight transfer to initiate and sustain drifts
- Link drifts together around multiple corners
- Look for long stretches of road to build up a drift score multiplier
- Try drifting through narrow paths or under obstacles for bonus points

Blasting Modes:
- Aim carefully to explode civilian cars for maximum diamond payouts
- Watch for bystanders and try not to cause too much collateral damage
- Certain vehicle types may have higher point values when destroyed
- Upgrade firepower and blast radius of your offensive weapons

General Tips:
- Explore the open world environment to find new race events
- Complete side missions or challenges to earn upgrades
- Manage your diamond currency for new cars, customizations, upgrades
- If multiplayer, learn racing lines and battle for position against humans