If you play the MSK Trial Dirt Bike Stunt game, you can do as many tricks as you want and race. Get the coins and fuel tanks to make the time go faster, and be careful when you're racing! MSK Trial dirt bike stunt is the best dirt bike stunt game. You can do any trick you want in this game, but you'll need petrol and coins to do them.

Here are some typical tips for playing "MSK Trial Dirt Bike Stunt" and similar dirt bike/trials games:

- Arrow keys or WASD keys to accelerate, reverse and steer
- Spacebar or up arrow to shift weight backwards when going uphill
- Down arrow to shift weight forwards when going downhill
- Look for buttons to perform tricks/stunts in the air

- The goal is to navigate the dirt bike through challenging obstacle courses
- Courses consist of hills, rocks, logs and other obstacles to get over
- Managing your speed, throttle control and shifting your weight is crucial
- Go slowly on tougher uphill sections to avoid stalling
- Build up speed for jumps and tougher obstacles
- Look for checkpoints to reset to if you crash

- Many trials games have a scoring system for pulling off tricks
- Do wheelies, stoppies, endos and mid-air tricks
- Chain together combos without crashing for higher scores
- Replay levels trying to beat high scores

- Start on the easier introductory levels
- As you advance, courses become longer and more technically difficult
- Earn cash to upgrade your bike's power, suspension, etc.
- Unlock new environments and bikes by completing levels

The key things to master are throttle/brake control, shifting your weight, and building up proper speed and momentum for obstacles. Use the replay camera to study tough sections. With practice, you'll be pulling off insane stunts!