Motorcycle Stunts Drive seems to be a game where you perform extreme stunts and tricks while riding motorcycles on stunt courses. Here are some tips for how to play:

- Use arrow keys or WASD to lean/steer your rider left and right
- Up arrow or W to accelerate
- Down arrow or S to brake
- Spacebar or another key to perform stunts/tricks in the air

Course Navigation
- Study the course layout and plan your path ahead
- Build up speed before hitting ramps to get maximum air time
- Lean forward going uphill, back going downhill to maintain balance
- Use the brake to prevent overshooting jumps or obstacles
- Look for alternate routes like wallrides, overhead paths, etc.

Performing Stunts
- When leaving a ramp, hit the stunt button to free your rider
- Use the steering controls to spin, flip, superman, etc. while airborne
- String together trick combos for higher scores
- Try to land level and centered for a smooth transition

Game Modes
- Challenge mode tasks you with achieving specific stunt objectives
- Timed modes have you racing against the clock through courses
- Free Ride lets you session and practice tricks endlessly

- Use cash earned to upgrade your bike's stats like speed, handling, airtime
- Purchase new gear like helmets, outfits, and bikes with different attributes
- Customize bike colors, decals, parts for your preferred style

The keys are nailing the balance and lean controls, getting huge air off jumps, and linking insane stunt combos while sticking the landings. With practice on the challenging obstacle courses, you'll be throwing down wild motorcycle stunts!