Welcome to join Motorbike Racer to have the best experience!

Here are some tips for how to play Motorbike Racer:

- Use the arrow keys or WASD to steer your motorcycle left and right
- Up arrow/W to accelerate
- Down arrow/S to brake
- Space bar or Shift to perform wheelies and stunts

Racing Fundamentals
- Stay in the center of the track as much as possible
- Lean forward slightly when accelerating for better traction
- Brake before tight turns to prevent wiping out
- Use boosts strategically on straightaways
- Avoid crashing into barriers, obstacles, or going off-road

Performing Stunts
- Hold the wheelie button to lift the front wheel
- While wheelieing, quickly tap the stunt button for tricks
- Rotate the bike horizontally or vertically for different stunts
- Land perfectly level for the highest scoring tricks
- Nailing stunt combos and long wheelies earns big points

- Collect icons for power-ups like speed boosts, projectile weapons
- Use missiles or other weapons to slow down rivals
- Speed boosts give you a quick burst of acceleration
- Be strategic about when and where you use power-ups

Game Modes
- Race modes have you competing for fastest laps or race finishes
- Stunt modes judge you solely on your trick scoring and combos
- Time trial modes are solo runs against the clock

- Use cash to upgrade your bike's top speed, acceleration, handling
- Unlock new motorcycle models with varying stats
- Customize your rider's appearance and bike designs

The key is balancing pushing your speed to the limit while still maintaining control, especially through turns. Wheelies and tricks earn big points but increase risk. Use boosts, weapons, and upgrades to gain every advantage. Practice nailing smooth, high-scoring stunt combos as well. With skill, you'll be an elite motorbike racer!