Moto Stunts Driving & Racing is a standard balanced motorbike racing game featuring two-dimensional animated motorcyclists. While keeping your rider alive, you must complete side-scrolling platform races as quickly as possible in both Racing Mode and Level Mode. Prioritize earning coins and purchasing a new motorcycle above using the first one, which can only be used to finish the game and not set new records for bigger rewards. If you trip any traps or let the body parts fall to the ground, you will forfeit the game.

Here are some tips for playing the game Moto Stunts Driving & Racing:

- Use the up arrow key or hold down the mouse button to accelerate
- Use the down arrow key to brake or perform wheelies/endos
- Hit the spacebar on ramps to perform stunts like backflips or front flips

* Pay close attention to upcoming ramps, obstacles, and gaps. Timing your stunts is crucial.

* Try to land straight after performing tricks to avoid crashing. You can twist the bike mid-air to adjust landing.

* Collect coins or nitro boosts scattered across levels for points or speed bursts.

* Look for alternate paths or shortcuts to shave time off your runs.

*  In Level Mode, navigate the platforming sections carefully. Fall too far and you'll lose a life.

* Use your coins to upgrade to better motorcycles with improved stats like acceleration and top speed.

* Master techniques like wheelies, endos, and bunny hops to maintain speed through tricky sections.

* For tricky stunt sections, watch the replays to see how they should be performed.

* Build up your combos by chaining tricks together without crashing for higher scores.

The key is finding the balance between maintaining speed and controlling your bike through the stunts and obstacles. With practice, you'll improve your racing lines and high scores.