A fun motorcycle platform BMX game with 2D cartoon graphics is called Hobo Speedster. Your goal? Until the motorcycle reaches the finish line, maintain its equilibrium. Upgrade your present motorcycle at the motorcycle settlement, buy three more motorcycles from the Shop, and unlock four more riders in the Decorate area as you accrue coins and diamonds.

- Arrow keys or A/D to move left/right
- Spacebar or up arrow to accelerate
- Down arrow to brake/reverse
- Look for a jump button to perform stunts

- Use well-timed jumps to cross gaps and fly over obstacles
- Ramps and jump pads will launch you higher into the air
- Perform mid-air tricks and rotations to collect points
- Land properly to avoid crashing and losing speed

Level Goals:
- Main objective is usually to reach the level exit
- Collect icons/pick-ups along the way for points
- Some levels may have time limits to beat
- Secret areas with shortcuts/bonuses to find

- Early levels teach you basic moves and mechanics
- Levels get longer and more challenging over time
- New obstacles, hazards, and trick elements get introduced
- Unlock new characters, bikes, customizations as you advance

With cartoony physics, 2D platformers emphasize well-timed jumps, landing properly after tricks, and maintaining speed. Use ramps/boosts strategically. Pay attention to the environments for potential shortcuts. Master combos and don't miss pick-ups for maximum scoring.