With Grand City Stunts, a lengthy stunt and racing experience in a Grand City is about to begin! This game includes races in which you may play as a single player or as a pair in addition to stunts. Other than you and your pal, CPU racers will participate in every race. You should finish the race in the first spot if you want to get rewarded.

* Controls:
- Use the accelerator button on the right to go forward
- Use the brake/reverse button on the left to slow down or go backwards
- Tilt your device left or right to steer

* Look ahead on the track and plan your stunts, jumps and landings in advance.

* Time your stunts like flips, spins, and rotations over the ramps and obstacles.

* Try to land perfectly straight after tricks to avoid crashes.

* Collect the coin pickups scattered around levels to earn cash for upgrades.

* Use ramps and jumps to find shortcuts by launching over gaps or barriers.

* The nitro boost can help you get through tough sections quickly.

* Upgrade your car's stats like engine, suspension, wheels using your earnings.

* For longer jumps, try holding the accelerate button to get a speed boost.

* Complete challenges and goals on levels to earn bonus rewards.

The key is maintaining control through the crazy jumps and stunts while searching for fast routes and alternate paths. Upgrading your ride is essential for tackling the harder stunt courses. Take it slow at first to learn the mechanics and timing.