FullSpeed Racing is an online multiplayer racing game. You have to finish maps and gather checkpoints in this fantastic driving game! In order to bring The Forest Full there quickly, race against the timer and drift! Your objective in the 3D game Fullspeed Racing is to reach the checkpoints! You will have to drift as your speed steadily increases since you will be racing against the clock!

Your gasoline racing game will crash if you don't reach one before the timer goes off! Nitro is an additional feature in this racing game! You'll have enough impulse, even though it won't last long! Upgrade your car or purchase a new, better sports or racing car designed specifically for drifting!


How to play


- Choose Your Car
At the start, you'll be able to select from a variety of cars with different stats like top speed, acceleration, and handling. Pick the one that suits your driving style.

- Customize Appearance
You can customize the look of your car by changing the paint job, adding decals, adjusting wheel styles, etc.

- Enter a Race
Join an open multiplayer race lobby or create your own private room and invite friends.

- Race Controls
Use the arrow keys or WASD to steer your car. Hold down the up arrow/W to accelerate and down arrow/S to brake or reverse.

- Drifting
As you take tight corners, you can drift by tapping the space bar or another assigned drift key while turning. Drifting boosts your speed if done properly.

- Nitrous Boost
Most cars have a limited nitrous boost you can activate by hitting a certain key to get a quick burst of speed on straightaways.

- Weapons/Power-Ups
Depending on the game mode, there may be weapons or power-ups you can use by driving over them, like missiles, EMPs, repair kits, etc.

- Stay On Track
If you go off the racing line too much, you'll start losing speed. The mini-map can help you find shortcuts.

- Finish Races
The goal is to complete the set number of laps before your opponents while surviving obstacles and hazards.

Communication with your team, smart boosting, and skilled drifting around corners are key to winning FullSpeed races against human players online.