Fantastic updates have been released for the game Fly Car Stunt 5. This game has six brand-new, original flying cars and a fresh, futuristic Space City. Much improved vehicle control in the air is made possible by all new physics! Fly Car Stunt 5 has ten distinct levels. Defy time constraints to unlock new flying cars! Make sensible use of your nitro and soar over the obstacles!


How to play and tips


- Learn the controls for steering, accelerating, braking, and performing stunts/tricks.

- Practice makes perfect - spend time in free roam or training modes to get comfortable controlling the flying car.

- Look for ramps, loops, and obstacles that allow you to get air and pull off stunts.

- Time your tricks and rotations carefully while in the air to land properly.

- Make use of boost pads or speed strips to gain momentum for big jumps.

- Stay aware of your car's orientation, as flying adds an extra dimension of control.

- Upgrade or unlock new cars with better specs like speed, handling, boost capacity.

- In stunt runs/challenges, plan out your line and trick combos in advance.

- Collect pick-ups like fuel, repairs, or nitrousboosts that aid during stunt driving.

- Don't worry about realism - these games tend to have exaggerated, arcadey physics.

Without specifics on Fly Car Stunt 5, focusing on chaining together airborne tricks, managing boosts, and racing against targets could be key gameplay aspects.