You get to pick the road, traffic, and weather in Crime Moto Racer! Get aboard your motorcycle and go fast as you pass the oncoming traffic! To keep your cyclist alive, keep an eye out for cars that are changing lanes and exercise caution! By traveling farther, you can earn money. To go even farther, unlock the fastest motorcycles!

How to play

In this game, every risk you take gives you an edge! While trucks continue to approach you, just concentrate on keeping the rider alive and move quickly through the other lane! You can change the graphics by going to the settings menu. Examine your bike selections now, and use the finest one you have to begin the first game. One lane, two lanes, and time attack are the three game styles available to you. While the second mode presents a two-way challenge, the first one puts you in a one-way traffic situation. In the third option, you have one hundred seconds to go to the farthest spot. Three different weather scenarios each present different difficulties. The standard option is sunny weather with no additional challenges. You try to look through the darkness at night. The third possibility is the precipitation, which exacerbates the danger and slickness of the roads. Explore every mode, get new bikes, and set records!