City Car Stunt 4 is a multiplayer driving game that brings the crazy street racing action to the Drifted Arcade.

Some general tips for this type of stunt driving game:

- Pay attention to the tutorial or training modes first to learn the basic controls for accelerating, braking, steering, and performing stunts.

- Start on the easier difficulty levels to get a hang of the game's physics and mechanics.

- Look for ramps, loops, and obstacles that allow you to catch air and pull off stunts like jumps, spins, rolls etc.

- Many stunt games have slow-motion modes you can activate during big airborne stunts to help line up your landing.

- Upgrade your car's performance, suspension, and wheels as you earn credits to pull off bigger stunts.

- Complete stunt challenges and courses efficiently by finding shortcuts and nailing tight drifts around corners.

- Explore the open-world city environment to find ideal stunt locations like parking garages, construction sites, skateparks etc.

Without being able to see gameplay videos, I can't provide too many specifics. But hopefully these general stunt driving game tips provide some guidance for approaching City Car Stunt 4. Let me know if you need any other assistance!

Player 1

- Up arrow – Accelerate
- Down arrow – Brake
- Left arrow – Turn left
- Right arrow – Turn right
- N key – Nitro
- B key – Look behind
- Restart – R

Player 2

- W – Accelerate
- S – Brake
- A – Turn left
- D – Turn right
- T – Nitro
- C – Look behind