Burnout Car Drift seems to be an arcade-style racing game focused on drifting and pulling off high-risk driving stunts.


Here are some tips for how to play:


- Use the arrow keys or WAD to steer left and right
- Up arrow or W to accelerate
- Down arrow or S to brake/reverse
- Spacebar or another key to initiate drifts

Drifting Techniques
- As you enter a turn, quickly tap the brake to initiate the drift
- Countersteer into the direction you want the rear to slide out
- Modulate the gas to maintain and control the drift angle
- Link drifts together around multiple corners for huge score multipliers
- Try drifting through entire sections without letting off the gas

Burnout Moves
- Look for large open areas to perform burnout maneuvers
- Hold the handbrake and gas to build up smoke from the tires
- Keep it going as long as possible for a higher burnout score multiplier
- Transition into a big drift right after for even more points

Gameplay Modes
- Drift Attack has you drifting through courses against the clock
- Burnout Challenges task you with achieving target scores
- Take on rivals in head-to-head Drift Battles

- Collect nitrous boosts for a quick speed burst out of drifts
- Refill your life bar with repair icons after crashes
- Use emps, mines, etc. to attack opponents in Battle events

- Choose your dream drift car with unique stats
- Upgrade your car's engine, tires, weight distribution for better drifting
- Customize your car's look with aftermarket parts and paint jobs

The keys are mastering throttle control for long, smoky drifts and linking them together flawlessly. Don't be afraid to use the handbrake and go for high-risk burnout maneuvers. But also prioritize staying on the track, as crashes will kill your score multipliers. With practice drifting through each track, you'll be pulling off insane automotive acrobatics!