In addition to being a balanced stunt simulation game, Bike Stunt Racing Legend is a motorbike racing game. You have to ride the motorcycle to the finish line in the first place in a 3D game engine. The AI opponent will make mistakes and lose to you as long as you can maintain a fast pace.

How to play

- It's a 3D game where the main goal is to ride a motorbike to the finish line before opponents.

- Maintaining high speeds is important, as the AI-controlled opponents are more likely to make mistakes when you're going fast.

- In addition to just racing, there is also a stunt component where you likely need to perform tricks and stunts while riding.

- Proper balance and control over the motorbike seems to be critical for both racing and pulling off stunts successfully.

- The game combines elements of a traditional racing game with those of a stunt/trick simulation game.